Ayan Omar – “The Face Value”

The intent is to unmask the world by reshaping interpersonal communication as a necessity. The stories hidden beneath a person’s face allows us to feel and see human. I will remind the audience of their innate human qualities by sharing a few valuable faces in my life, including my mother.

David Vee – “Mountain Climbing Made Easy”

David Vee TEDxStCloud

Paralleling mountain climbing with overcoming challenges in life. Breaking down seemingly impossible tasks into their most basic functions, and accomplishing them one step at a time. With the right team, proper training and the will to overcome, anything is possible if you keep moving forward!

Kari Turkowski – “Iron Heart”

Kari Turkowski TEDxStCloud

Kari’s will present how she has been able to achieve her goals even dealing with a life-threatening challenge. In her youth, she learned that in order to set and achieve her dreams she had to have an internal process. Her mantra of: Think it, feel it, speak it, become it, live it, has fueled her passion in athletics, completing the Ironman, creating her career and overcoming challenges she has faced. Affirmations are key: change the negative into a positive, what you focus on you become so focus on what you want. Kari will challenge the audience to find their Why and to encourage them to never put limitations on their potential and their dreams! And, live a life of gratitude!

Sally Koering Zimney – “Not a speaker? Be an Un-Speaker.”

Sally Koering Zimney TEDxStCloud

Too many of us believe that in order to speak we need to be something other than we are right in this moment. And that’s bologna.

Wanting to give a perfect talk – like a “real” SPEAKER – is keeping us from

  • sharing our most important ideas,
  • owning our stories,
  • And stepping up and out as leaders in a world that desperately needs them.

And we can do better. For the courageous souls who brave the possibility of speaking; and for the people who have to listen to them! So, fine. Don’t be a Speaker. Be an Un-Speaker.


October 10th, 2019

Paramount Center for the Arts
913 W St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56301

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